Tuesday, 11 March 2008

F1 - The last shall be first

I am a lapsed formula 1 fan. I remember a couple of occasions when I synchronised the night-feed of my firstborn to coincide with the grand prix in Adelaide or Suzuka. Not any more ... I am not sure whether it was the decline and eventual demise of the Jordan F1 team which sapped my enthusiasm for the sport or whether it was just the sheer predictability of it all - in either case I lost than lovin feeling.

It seems I am not alone in this regard so the good folks in F1, fearful that their sport could end up like snooker or show-jumping, have decided to get all innovative on us. In a plan taken straight from the old testament the first shall be last and the last shall be first. The proposal is that they reverse the order of the starting grid so that the drivers leading the championship start from the back and have to overtake quite a lot. This could be good! They are already introducing a "Boost" button which gives the cars short burst of power to aid overtaking - even better!

On this track I can think of a few other ideas which would spice up the show:
  1. Allow each driver to carry one box of nails/tacks that they can scatter over the track to slow down their opponents.
  2. Add ben-hur style blades to the wheels.
  3. When the lights go out - have the drivers do a 100m sprint to their car - at least then the speed of the driver would make some contribution to the race - right now it is all about the car.
  4. In a variation of 3 - have musical cars - say 50 drivers and 20 cars at the start. You must claim a car before you can race.

If this happened I would definitely tune in again.

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