Thursday, 13 December 2012

We Saw a Vision

Found this today while doing some research - it is an English translation of a poem in the Garden of Remembrance. It's as fresh today as when Liam Mac Uistin wrote it in 1976 to express the appreciation and inspiration for Ireland's struggle for freedom. In 2012 I wish we had a vision.

"We Saw A Vision"
In the darkness of despair we saw a vision,
We lit the light of hope and it was not extinguished.
In the desert of discouragement we saw a vision.
We planted the tree of valour and it blossomed.
In the winter of bondage we saw a vision.
We melted the snow of lethargy and the river of resurrection flowed from it.
We sent our vision aswim like a swan on the river. The vision became a reality.
Winter became summer. Bondage became freedom and this we left to you as your inheritance.
O generations of freedom remember us, the generations of the vision.