Friday, 9 May 2008

Dial2Do - nifty service

Sean O'Sullivan and his merry band @ Rococo Software have created a new service called Dial2Do. Basically you can use your phone and VOICE to send email, texts and set reminders. Quite handy for those of us who have nearly killed themselves while simultaneously driving and texting or for sending a long text without wearing out your thumbs.

Just dial the access number, it asks what you want to do - say "text", it will ask you who you want to text - you say the name. It will then ask you to record your message. It will look the name up in your Dial2Do contacts and transcribe the message you want to send as a text. Cool.

I have only played with it for the past 15 minutes but I think it has great potential. Good luck to it! Register here for the preview.