Friday, 13 April 2007

Cars, Kids and windscreen wipers

I just got a new car - a VW Passat which I am very please with. It still awaits it's first dent/scratch but the kids have already filled it with sand off the beach and the interior has had many near-misses with Easter eggs in the past week. While on the subject can anyone explain to me why my kids insist on entering/exiting the car through the door furthest away from their seat? (eg. if they are sitting in the rear-driver side, they leave through the front-passenger door...!) - should I return them to the shop and have them re-programmed?

One thing that struck me as strange was the lack of a rear windscreen wiper. I am told that saloon cars dont generally have such a thing whereas hatchbacks do - uh? My research on the topic unearthed this commentary which does not satisfactorily explain it for me - I would have thought that hatchbacks need a wiper more than saloons because rain from the roof streams down onto the rear windscreen when the car is moving? But why not have one on saloon cars also? Am I the only person who needs one in the morning when there is dew on the rear windscreen? Am I the only one who cannot wait for the heated rear windscreen to clear the dew?